Campus Mail

Campus mail services are provided to support activities directly related to university business. It may not be used for “chain” letters, solicitation of funds to support religious activities, endorsing political candidates or requesting funds for their support, or the distribution of advertising notices for activities or products not a part of the normal functions of the University.


Letter-sized #10 Campus Mail or interdepartmental 9 x 12 manila envelopes should be used for interoffice destinations. Use of 9 x 12 interdepartmental envelopes is encouraged for all larger mail pieces.


Campus mail should identify the addressee’s name, and department on each piece.

Campus Bulk Mailings

Campus bulk mailings are an easy method of communicating with many people. Special preparation helps Delivery Services expedite mail to its destination.

Campus Bulk mailings require the following guidelines:

Personalized pieces for five or more going to the same department must be wrapped with rubber bands. Large departments may require several bundles. Address labeling of these pieces is acceptable.